Maël Naccache Tüfekçi
/maɛl nakaʃ tyfekʧi/
Software Engineer
tags: 3d-engine, c++, opengl, shader, compute-shader

Particle is a 3D engine written with C++ and OpenGL as the rendering API. The goal of this engine was to render everything as particles and make it easy to design particles effects.

Due to this design goal, it uses compute shader to handle millions of particles updates per-frame.

tags: rust, vulkan, shader, compute-shader, spir-v, tool

Wyzoid is a Rust framework whoes goal is to help experiment with compute shader. This project use Vulkan, Rust and SPIR-V.

I did a presentation of Wyzoid at the conference DevFest Nantes 2019 (in French):

tags: js, javascript, photogrammetry, pattern, tool

A tool to generate pattern that make photogrammetry easier by make easily identifiable point of interest.

tags: tool, shaderc, shader, spir-v, tool

Shdrr is a very simple tool aimed at sumplifying shader developpement. It watches a directory and will automatically compile (using Google shaderc) any GLSL shader to SPIR-V.

It automatically detects if a shader as been modified and re-compile.

tags: c, zalgo

Zalgo is an implementation of the zalgo text generator in C. The aim was to create the smallest implementation of Zalgo possible.

tags: rust, time-serie, database, library

TSLite is a very restricted embeddable time-serie database made in Rust. It has very limited capability since it is made for one of my yet-to-publish project.

tags: c++, 3d-engine, opengl, shader

PeGL was the first 3D engine that I developped. I made it when I was in high-school, learning C++ and OpenGL on my free time.

Therefor, the code is not of the highest quality, but I am still proud of it.

tags: rust, 3d-engine, opengl, shader

This is a 3D engine in the same spirit as PeGL but made in Rust instead of C++.

tags: rust, a-star, labyrinth

This is a simple implementation of a labyrinth generation algorthim and A* to solve it.

It can output an SVG of the labyrithn and of the solution.

tags: rust, opengl, library

gl_loader is a OpenGL function pointer loader for Rust. It is a somewhat minimalistic wrapper over Glad source code.

tags: java, lambda-calculus, type-inference, hindley-milner

This is an implementation of the type inference algorithm Hindley-Milner for Lambda calculus. This was made with my friend Valentin Cocaud.

tags: prolog, translation

This project can translate "SMS" french to proper French. I.e "slt cmt ca va ?" -> "Salut comment ça va ?".

It uses Prolog and has two translation method. One simple dictionnary method and one more complex that reconstruct the prononciation of the word and try to find a match in proper French.

tags: erlang, tool

Pico is a tournament manager made in Erlang.

tags: rust, imap, eml, rfc822, rfc2822, email, tool

EML-Replicator is a simple tool which aim to provide a simple way to copy EML (rfc822/2822) files inside a IMAP mailbox.

This tool can be very useful when working on a software that deal with email to try to test and replicate bugs.